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October 4, 2015, 6:29 PM

How Important is Your Pastor to You?

In Honor of All Pastors.  Pastor Appreciation Month, October 2015


The Doctor says, "Please disrobe" and you do it without hesitation or question.

   The Pastor preaches that you should dress modestly and he is getting too personal.

The Doctor charges outrageous fees and you complain but you come back the next time you are sick.

   The Pastor preaches that you should pay your tithes and you leave the church.

The Doctor checks how much you weigh and you allow him.

   The Pastor asks how much you pray and it's none of his business.

The Doctor gives you a nasty tasting pill and you take it.

   The Pastor feeds you the Word of God and you get offended.

The Doctor's office closes at a certain time.

   The Pastor is available twenty four hours a day.

The Doctor tells you how to change your lifestyle to lower your blood pressure.

   The Pastor tells you how to change your lifestyle  and it raises your blood pressure.

The Doctor tells you "we need to run more tests", so you make an appointment.

   The Pastor says we need more Prayer and Bible Studies and you are too busy.

The Doctor tells you; "there is nothing more we can do", and you search everywhere for help.

   The Pastor says; "God can help you!"  But you give up and say; " what's the use?"

The Doctor says; "Well, let's try this, and if it doesn't work we'll try something else', and you do.

   The Pastor gives you the promises of God's Word, but you don't want to "walk by faith".


To the Doctor, you are one of many sick bodies.

   To the Pastor, you are part of the family.  He loves you.  He prays for you.  He helps carry your burdens.  He laughs with you and cries with you.  He shares your victories, and helps hold you up in tragedies.  He visits you in the hospital.  He spends hours preparing a sermon that will help you get to Heaven.   You are important to your Pastor!

                                                               How Important is Your Pastor to You?


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04-05-2016 at 4:37 AM
ebenezer Mensah
my pastor is very dear to me
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