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November 4, 2013, 12:34 PM

Turn your eyes on Jesus...

Turn your eyes upon Jesus.  Look full in His wonderful face.  Then the things of this world will grow strangely dim, in the Light of His Glory and Grace...


I absolutely love this old song!!  Looking back over my life, I can see so many times that it seemed the "things of this world" would overtake me.  

Times of sorrow; the loss of my sister when I was 6.  The loss of my mom when I was 24, the loss of a 13 month old son a little over a year later.  The loss of my grandmother, the loss of our stillborn granddaughter, the loss of a dear friend...  Nothing can prepare you for the emptiness that invades your soul when you lose a loved one, it's as though a part of your soul is ripped right out of you.  The brightness, that special gleam, leaves your eyes and you are left with a blank stare.  But I found out that even in times of such great loss, God would bring me through, and show me a whole new meaning to the scripture in Psalm 23:3, "He restoreth my soul..."  This was actually brought to my attention about six months after we had lost our baby boy.  I went to our doctor for a regular check-up.  Dr. Smith had been my doctor since I was young and therefore knew me quite well.  He walked in, looked at me and said; "Donna, the light is back in your eyes."   I had felt it in my soul, but didn't realize it was recognizable by others.  For those of you that may be suffering loss today, hold to that scripture, and let the Lord bring healing as He restores the laughter, the twinkle, the joy, to your soul.


Times of sickness; after losing our baby, I continued to go through the daily activities required of a mother of three living children, and a babysitter of three for a sister-in-law, but on the inside, I was very distraught and grief stricken.  The key was that I kept everything on the inside.  I didn't want to upset the children any more than they already were by the loss of their baby brother, so I worked hard at keeping busy. Too hard, in fact, and all the stress of my mother's battle with cancer, and our baby's battle with biliary atresia, and the physical activity I pursued to keep me busy had an ill affect on my health.  For about a year I suffered with bouts of severe pain due to my gallbladder.  I had other issues as well, and finally had two surgeries that took care of that, but the devil continued tormenting me and I've only recently realized it had to be depression.  One day during this time, I came to the conclusion that this was a battle that I, alone, would have to face.  But my strength was gone, physically, spiritually, and emotionally!!  I reached out to God in distress, and He answered with such Strength and Power, that I was in awe!!  Oh, I still had to fight, but fight I did...all in the Name of Jesus, and today I can tell any and everyone going through a similar battle, that they can and will win!!!!  Just turn your eyes on Jesus!!!


Times of economic distress;  my hubby has always been a hard worker, but if the work is not there, what do you do?  We had our own business and had been doing okay.  We had several employees, including three of our children.  Anyone that is considered a small business owner is particularly aware of economic downturns, and we have been through many.  One in particular came about several years ago, and while we were getting by, one of the businesses that we did machine work for was having a very difficult time.  My hubby made a deal with the owner of this company; our company would continue doing his work as long as he could just pay a rather small amount a month so we could stay afloat, then when things picked up, the guy could catch up on what he owed us as he could.  Our business survived and so did his, and true to his promise, he paid us what he owed us as he could; and it was a very large sum of money.  About 4 years ago, our area suffered another economic downturn, and this one hit us hard.  My hubby had to lay off his employees.  Things were looking very dim, yet every time we prayed we had this assurance that everything was going to be okay.  Well, to make a long story short, the guy we had helped those years earlier came to our rescue.  His business was flourishing and He wanted to buy our assets, but part of the deal was that my hubby and all his employees come to work for him!!  Not only did he do that, but he gave them all fabulous benefits!!!  It was definitely one of those "God things"!!!  It was like the lepers finding the food and supplies left behind in 2 Kings:7!!   My God CAN!!!!  What's your need?


God cares!!!  About every aspect of ours and YOUR lives!!!  And it doesn't matter how big the mountain in front of us/you may be, when we, as His children, get to the point that we can stop seeing the mountain, but rather, see the mountain mover..."look full in His wonderful face", then the "things" of this world grow strangely, magically, amazingly, dim, and we find the answer, the miracle, the hope, the comfort, in the Light of His Glory and Grace!!!


11-04-2013 at 7:59 PM
Well said. Well said.
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